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2017-2018 PeriAnesthesia Nursing Standards, Practice Recommendations, & Interpretive Statements

The 2017-2018 edition of the ASPAN Standards contains principles of safety and ethics in perianesthesia practice, perianesthesia practice standards, practice recommendations, position statements, resources from partnering organizations and interpretive statements which provide clarity and definition to key elements of the standards.

New content in this publication includes an updates to the practice recommendation for care of the adult patient with obstructive sleep apnea, as well as the prevention of unwanted sedation in the adult patient. New position statements include a position statement on alarm management, a position statement on acuity based staffing for Phase I and a position statement on air quality and occupational hazard exposure prevention. A new resource has been added to provide guidance for a perianesthesia orientation timeline.

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Each Friday, all clinical practice questions received by the National ASPAN Office by 12:00 noon ET (Eastern Time) are assigned to members of ASPAN's Clinical Practice Committee. Within the following week to ten days, you, (the inquirer) are contacted via e-mail by a committee member with a response to your question.

Questions submitted through the online Clinical Practice Network form, or by phone will be handled in the same manner and in the order in which the questions are received.

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Fatigue Checklist

ASPAN recognizes fatigue among nurses as a potentially dangerous situation. Evidence reports personal and professional contributors to nurse fatigue that can affect the nurse’s health and job performance and patient safety.

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Pain and Comfort Clinical Guidelines

The ASPAN Perianesthesia Pain and Comfort Clinical Guideline is designed to serve as a guideline for clinicians and multiple clinical practitioners. The guideline is packaged in a Pain and Comfort Resource Manual designed to provide needed pain and comfort information for practitioners as well as patients.

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Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia PONV Consensus Guidelines

SAMBA PONV Consensus Guidelines Summary


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